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My love for metalsmithing began with an inspirational teacher and jewelry making class in high school growing up in Massachusetts.  My interests were varied and led me to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering, work in biotech, and raise a family.  I have now returned to my first love; transforming the beauty of the natural world into wearable art.

I enjoy the aesthetic, durability and timeless look of silver.  My pieces are designed with comfort in mind.  My work is enhanced by using 24k gold leaf, natural gemstones, and enamels. I draw my inspiration from the places I have  lived―from the Sonoran Desert, Colorado Rockies, the Pacific Ocean, and the redwood forest in which I currently reside.  All my work is hand fabricated and embraces the organic.  Many pieces are one-of-a-kind due to the natural gemstones and personal photographs I use in my etchings. 

I am a member of the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild and a sponsor for Her Future Coalition. Her Future Coalition is an organization committed to empowering survivors of slavery, human trafficking, and poverty with education, employment, and entrepreneurship skills.

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